• Roger Noyce

    Miss you. Love Margaret

  • Oliver Condon

    Think of you and miss you more every day

  • Vivienne Blissitt

    May your light shine brightly, Mum. We miss you so much. We love you. X

  • Michael Goode

    Miss you more each passing day Dad, always loved . Xxx

  • Michael Seddon

    Michael Seddon

  • Frank Mumford

    Frank Mumford always remembered love May and Family

  • Ray Collins

    Ray Collins

  • Carol, Sheila, Josie

    Carol Cole, Sheila Cole, Josie Marketis

  • Andrew Michael Rake

    To my Dear Fiance Andrew Michael Rake

  • Ian Lyall

    My beloved Husband Ian Lyall. So greatly missed

  • George Lee

    My Husband George Lee

  • Craig Edgington

    My Son Craig Edgington

  • Nicholas Small

    Nicholas Small, my brother

  • Mother

    To my dearest Mother. God bless you now & always. My best love, your Son Vaughan

  • Jean Dugmore

    Jean Dugmore

  • P.L Robins

    Sergeant (Rtd) P.L Robins, RAOC

  • Arthur Davies

    Arthur Davies

  • Kenneth Holmes

    My Husband, Kenneth Samuel Holmes

  • Robert


  • Everyone

    The people who passed on during the past year through conflicts and accidents

  • Katy Burley

    Katy Burley

  • Ronald and Bernard

    Ronald Edward Goodyear, Bernard John Rawlings

  • Ken and Eva Wheeler

    Ken and Eva Wheeler

  • Fernley Reed

    Fernley Reed

  • Mary Day

    Mary Day our beloved mum and nannie. So sadly missed xxx

  • Gordon Miller

    Gordon Miller

  • Kevin Marshall

    Kevin Patrick Marshall

  • Donald Jefferson

    My Brother Donald Jefferson

  • Wendy Cootes

    Wendy Cootes

  • Ron and Val

    Husband Ron and Daughter in law Val

  • Paul Guise

    Paul Guise

  • The Sigley Family

    The Sigley Family

  • Maureen & Peter

    Maureen and Peter Dayer

  • Jerry Ryman

    To my wonderful Dad Jerry Ryman. I still miss him so much

  • Jim Weir

    My Husband Jim Weir (James)

  • Anita Jane Currie

    Anita Jane Currie

  • Anne & Frank Newby

    Anne Newby & Frank Newby

  • Ally Scott

    Ally Scott

  • Ruby & Mary

    Ruby Elizabeth Mary Reynolds

  • William Meredith

    William (Bill) Meredith

  • Mrs Diana Griffiths

    Mrs Diana Griffiths

  • John James Walker

    John James Walker. A loving husband and farther. God bless, Jess

  • Carol

    My wife Carol passed away on the 3rd Sep. 11th Dec is her 71st birthday.

  • Brenda Staynard

    Brenda Staynard

  • Walter Twomey

    Walter Twomey

  • Wendy Cootes

    Wendy Cootes

  • Dorothy Richards

    Dorothy Richards

  • Anthony & Rita

    Anthony & Rita Wallace

  • Bob and Marjorie

    Bob and Marjorie Sandford

  • William Parker

    William Parker

  • Gwendoline Turpin

    My lovely mum. I still miss her more than words can ever express

  • Wilson Allchurch

    Wilson Allchurch

  • Margaret Fairbairn

    My Wife Margaret Fairbairn

  • Kathleen & Jim

    Kathleen and Jim Dobbs - Always remembered with love by Linda and Barrie

  • Mike Haynes

    Mike Haynes

  • Judy Robbins

    Judy Robbins

  • Adrian Robinson

    Adrian Robinson

  • Muriel Burley

    Muriel Burley

  • Alfred and Dorothy

    My Parents: Alfred Pearon Barritt and Dorothy Margaret Barritt

  • Doug and Madeleine

    Doug and Madeleine Horne. Loving parents still much missed

  • Ronald Bott

    Thinking of you today & every day, always in our thoughts. With Love

  • Andrew Rake

    Our Son Andrew Rake. Miss him every day. All our love, Mom and Dad

  • Jim Blundell

    Jim Blundell

  • David Allen

    David Allen

  • Mary Peggycard

    My daughter Mrs Mary Peggycard, you are always with me Peg. Love Mum xx

  • Anthony Wainwright

    My loving Brother Anthony Wainwright. He changed my past into the present.

  • Maureen Ann Smith

    Maureen Ann Smith

  • Mary & Bert

    Mary And Bert Butler

  • Floss & Cyril

    Floss and Cyril Mace

  • Rachael Joanne Grant

    Rachael Joanne Grant, our beloved daughter always remembered with much love

  • Jacqueline Ashfield

    Our Daughter. Loving wife and wonderful mother to Sam and Emma Jo

  • John Watts

    John Watts

  • Steve Thompson

    Steve Thompson

  • Niven and Annie

    My special parents Niven and Annie Conchar. Always loved and remembered

  • Richard Smith

    Richard Smith - Daddy Rich

  • Dennis John Sully

    Dennis John Sully

  • Frank and Mary

    Frank and Mary Prentice. All our love

  • Tony Peters

    Tony Peters

  • Abel Calvo-Jimenez

    Abel Calvo-Jimenez

  • Ann Dee

    Ann Dee

  • Tony Pardoe

    Tony Pardoe, a wonderful husband and father

  • Joan Wiggin

    Joan Wiggin

  • Valma Rose

    Valma Rose

  • Albert and Irene

    Albert and Irene Wilkins

  • Michael and Bill

    Michael Hooper (My first husband) and Bill Peevor (my second husband)

  • Teresa Owen

    Teresa Owen

  • Kulsum Bowley

    Mrs Kulsum Bowley (nee Baby Somji)

  • Ken

    To Ken - Remembered wih all my love. Stella

  • Sylvia Icke

    Sylvia Icke

  • Dylan Evans

    Dylan Evans - A remembered life

  • John Bryan

    John Bryan

  • Emma Allen

    Emma Allen

  • Angela Mary Haines

    Angela Mary Haines

  • Royden Marriott

    My wonderful husband. Eleven years have passed. I love you so much. Gill Xx

  • Ken & Barbara

    Ken and Barbara Lock - Best and loving parents to Judy, Binnie and Sally

  • Hilda and Ron

    Hilda and Ron Short, with love from Margaret, Patricia, Robert and Families

  • John McKay

    My dear Husband John McKay RIP

  • Ben Turner

    My darling husband Ben Turner

  • Wendy Barber

    My wonderful daughter Wendy. Wendy Barber, loved and remembered every day.

  • Wendy Cootes

    Wendy Cootes

  • Elsie and Albert

    Elsie and Albert Kenyon. Edith Timmins

  • Maureen Blackie

    Maureen Blackie

  • Jean Banning

    Jean Banning

  • Nancy Rousell

    Tears turn to smiles when I think of all the wonderful memories you left behind

  • Stephen Austin

    My Son Stephen Austin

  • Sandra and Jennifer

    Sandra Hall and Jennifer Cox

  • David Butcher

    My husband David Butcher

  • Patricia Harris

    Patricia Harris

  • Brian Reece

    Brian Reece

  • David, Len, Vera

    David Giles, Len Warden and Vera Warden

  • Poppy


  • Lena and Bill

    Lena and Bill Newman

  • Kenneth Davies

    Kenneth Davies

  • Kay and Harry

    Kay and Harry Parsons, Mum and Dad. For all the wonderful Christmases we had

  • Patrick Howes

    My Husband Patrick Howes

  • Margaret Hughes

    My mother - Margaret Hughes

  • Freda and Raymond

    Freda and Raymond Bowen

  • Kathleen Davies

    Kathleen Davies

  • Denis Sully

    Denis Sully

  • Ian Chapman

    Ian "Beef" Chapman

  • Wendy Elmes

    Wendy Elmes

  • Kathleen and Bill

    Kathleen and Bill Winspear

  • Len and Sue

    Len and Sue Worley, and The Head Family

  • Don Cooper

    Don Cooper

  • Sarah Evans

    Sarah Evans

  • Tom, Ema & Michael

    Tom Hickin, Ema Rellis and Michael Caden

  • Arthur Hancox

    Arthur Hancox

  • Patricia Carpenter

    Patricia Mary Carpenter (Patsy)

  • Marjorie Ayres

    Marjorie Ayres

  • Ian Dennis Bird

    Ian Dennis Bird

  • Les Rouch

    Les Rouch

  • Jean Sweet

    My Wife Jean Sweet

  • Jean Williams

    My Wife Jean Margaret Williams

  • David C. Osborne

    David C. Osborne

  • Roger Fryer

    Roger Fryer

  • Nan Drake

    Nan Drake

  • Ian Dennis Bird

    Ian Dennis Bird

  • Donnie Renoster

    Donnie James Renoster

  • Howard John Vale

    Mr Howard John Vale M.B.E

  • Tony Vale

    Tony Vale

  • Mrs Gladys Dale

    Mrs Gladys Dale

  • Doris. Violet, Fred

    Doris Morgan. Violet. Fred Cook.

  • Iris, Alwyn

    Iris and Alwyn Jenkins

  • John, Richard, Peggy

    John (Husband) Richard, Peggy- Parents

  • Jeremy and Simon

    Jeremy and Simon - two of my sons

  • John and Gordon

    John and Gordon

  • Ross William Darkin

    Ross William Darkin

  • Michael Flynn

    Michael Courtney Flynn

  • Bill Campbell

    Bill Campbell (William)

  • John & Mark Smith

    John Smith, Mark Smith

  • Jean Crompton

    Jean Crompton

  • Eva and Pat

    Our Mums, Eva and Pat

  • Frank & Elizabeth

    Frank Cross, Elizabeth Cross,

  • Roy Attwood

    Roy Attwood

  • Paul Steckel

    My Loving Husband Paul Steckel

  • Herbert Gill

    Herbert Gill

  • Anne Dorothy Janes

    Anne Dorothy Janes (My late wife)

  • John

    My Husband John Died 2010. Always Loved Never Forgotten

  • Colin Moss

    Colin Moss

  • Michael Goode

    Michael Goode

  • Brian Holdsworth

    Brian Holdsworth, Loving and thinking of you my Dearest Husband, Always

  • Alan Lawman

    Alan Lawman

  • Family & friends

    All dear family and friends

  • John and Gwen Stubbs

    John and Gwen Stubbs

  • Allen & Eleanor

    Allen Wood, Eleanor Wood

  • Roy & Audrey

    Roy & Audrey Johnson

  • Mrs Joy Teale

    Mrs Joy Teale

  • Alan Tibbles

    A Dearly Beloved Husband, Father & Grandfather. Living on in our Hearts

  • Anne Maureen Jones

    Anne Maureen Jones

  • Mike Donovan

    Mike Donovan

  • Phyllis Bryan

    Phyllis Bryan

  • Bob & Sue

    Bob Harper, Sue Kitchen

  • Micheal Wall

    Micheal (Mick) Wall

  • George Jones

    George Ratcliffe Jones, A Wonderful Husband and Father remembered with Love

  • Dave and David

    Mr Dave Humphreys and Mr David Drake, Happy Memories for both

  • Ken and Betty

    Ken Moore, Betty Moore

  • Mary and Arnold

    Mary and Arnold Boycott

  • David and Sharron

    David Peter Ellis, Husband. Sharron Davina Taplin, Daughter

  • Sylvia Connor

    Sylvia Connor

  • Dennis Newman

    Dennis Newman

  • Kevin Marshall

    Kevin Marshall

  • Joseph Murphy

    Joseph Murphy

  • Mitch Fisher

    Mitch Fisher

  • Gladys and Emily

    Gladys Prout, Emily Prince

  • John David Pritchard

    My husband John David Pritchard, with all my love

  • Jessica Clarke

    Jessica Clarke

  • Louise Bayford

    Louise Bayford

  • Joan Reed

    Joan Reed, Special Memories and much Love from all of us.

  • Emma Jones

    Love you always... Miss you so much...

  • Steve Cliffe

    Miss you everyday Dad. Love you always Xxx

  • Mary Harrision

    Miss you more than words can say Mum. Love you always, Angela, Jeremy and Mika

  • John Andrews

    My dearest husband missed so much

  • Darren Stopps

    We miss you xx

  • Mary Peters

    One in a million, miss you so so much Mom xxxx

  • Judith Cooke

    In loving memory of a dear Mum and Nanny. We all miss you so much xxx

  • Mary & Charles

    In Loving memory of you all at this time, we miss you. Love Nikki & Duncan

  • Geoff Cown

    In Loving memory of you all at this time, we miss you. Love Nikki & Duncan

  • Beryl Hastings

    In Loving memory of you all at this time, we miss you. Love Nikki & Duncan

  • Queenie, Tom, Pamela

    Queenie & Tom Hart, Stan and Pamela Coe

  • Sue Sumner

    Sue Sumner a beloved mother, Daughter & Wife xxx

  • Jean Tonks

    Jean Tonks a fantastic Nan, mother, Nan you were our pinnacle of our family xxx

  • Stanley Barlow

    Stanley Barlow

  • Joy Savery

    Joy Savery

  • Elizabeth Miles

    Elizabeth Miles

  • Eddie Smith

    Always in our thoughts. Diana, Alison, Elaine, Phil, Sam, Emily & Jack

  • Robert and Ian

    Robert Fitter, Ian Chapman

  • Michael Warne

    Michael Warne

  • Bob Bresnen

    Bob Bresnen

  • Josie Abel

    Josie Abel

  • James Irving

    James Irving

  • Sarah & Tom Boyce

    Sarah Boyce and Tom Boyce

  • Anthony Pitcher

    Anthony (Tony) Pitcher, Gone but never forgotten

  • Roy Silcox

    Roy Silcox

  • Jim Friar

    Loving husband, proud father, a famous brother. May your light shine.

  • Roy Batchelor

    Roy Batchelor

  • Christine Fountain

    Christine Fountain

  • Malcolm & Jade Jones

    My husband Malcolm Jones & My Grand Daughter Jade Jones

  • Derrick Barlow

    Derrick Barlow

  • Dorothy-Anne

    Dorothy-Anne Fletcher

  • Bob

    My beloved husband Bob, whom I miss everyday

  • Roy Marriott

    Roy Marriott

  • Jane Ursula Baines

    Jane Ursula Baines

  • Norman Richardson

    Norman Richardson

  • Jane Richardson

    Jane Richardson

  • Jim & Joyce Page

    Jim Page, Joyce Page

  • Lisa Marie Hughes

    Lisa Marie Hughes

  • David Megainey

    David Megainey

  • Andrew Milroy

    Andrew Milroy

  • Anne Milroy

    Anne Milroy

  • Ellice Milroy

    Ellice Milroy

  • Lesley & Edith Jeffs

    Lesley & Edith Jeffs

  • Raimond & Dorris

    Raimond & Dorris Natrims

  • Robert Mingins

    Robert Mingins

  • Lesley & Edith Jeffs

    Lesley & Edith Jeffs (Jim and Eddie), our wonderful Parents

  • Emma Jones

    My daughter Emma Jones

  • Avis

    Avis, My Dear Wife, Forever in my Thoughts

  • Emma Jones

    Emma Jones - Love you…Miss you so much..

  • Steve Cliff

    Steve Cliff - Miss you everyday Dad. Love you always xxx

  • Mary Harrison

    Miss you more than words can say Mum. Love you always Angela, Jeremy and Mika

  • John Andrews

    John Andrews - My dearest husband, missed so much

  • Norman Giles

    Remembering Norman

  • Pauline Reeves

    Remembering you today and always Mom, shine bright Nanny Star xxx



  • Maureen Killeby

    My Mom, Mrs Maureen Hazel Killeby

  • Alan Tansley

    Alan Tansley

  • Kay and Norah

    My mother Kay Stokes, My mother Norah Fradley

  • Mr & Mrs Smith

    Mr and Mrs Smith Senior

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Mr and Mrs Smith Junior

  • Michael Sill

    Michael Sill

  • Mary Gladwin

    Mrs Mary Gladwin, In loving Memory of my dear wife. Died 5th Nov 2005

  • Wendy & Con

    Wendy Tinson, Con Twoney

  • Sheila Smith

    Sheila Smith, my mother who passed away 4 years ago

  • Lewis David Evans

    Lewis David Evans, my father who passed away 5 years ago

  • Peter Ingold

    Peter Ingold, my father who passed away 8 years ago

  • Danny Patrick Quinn

    Danny Patrick Quinn

  • Cyril

    My dear husband Cyril

  • Patricia Bowdery

    Patricia Bowdery

  • Margaret Bowdery

    Margaret Bowdery

  • Doris Cochrane

    Doris Cochrane

  • Duncan Phillips

    Duncan Phillips

  • Gerald

    My Husband Gerald

  • Ivor and Margaret

    My parents Ivor and Margaret

  • Vic Corfield

    Vic Corfield, you are in our thoughts everyday, Miss you so much.

  • Grace Helen Pedley

    Grace Helen Pedley our beloved Grandaughter

  • Mary Peters

    Mary Peters - One in a million, miss you so so much Mom xxxx

  • Judith Cooke

    In loving memory of a dear Mum and Nanny. We all miss you so much xxx

  • John Bloxham

    John Bloxham

  • Jack & Connie

    Jack & Connie Holtom

  • Wendy Tinson

    Wendy Tinson

  • Nicholls

    My Dear Parents Phyllis and Vernon Nicholls

  • Jim and Annie Juckes

    Our Parents Jim and Annie Jukes (Barry and Chris Juckes)

  • Jim & Annie Juckes

    Our Parents Jim and Annie Juckes (Barry, Roger and Chris Juckes)

  • Jim & Annie Juckes

    Our Parents Jim and Annie Juckes (Barry, Roger and Chris Jukes)

  • Jim & Annie Juckes

    Our parents Jim & Annie Juckes (Barry, Roger & Chris Juckes)

  • Pateman

    Dear Mum and Dad (Cis and Ernest) never forgotten.

  • dasfasd


  • dasfasd


  • Steve Cliffe

    Miss you more every year. My boys would adore you. Merry Christmas Dad Xxx

  • Jean Franks

    With all our love, Helen, David, Thomas and William xxxx

  • Jean Franks

    With all our love, Helen, David, Thomas and William xxxx

  • Maurice Franks

    With all our love, Helen, David, Thomas and William xxxx