Beena's Story

Friday 13 March 2015

Day Hospice patient Beena spoke to us about the care she has had over the last year.


I feel that the team at The Shakespeare Hospice carried me through some rough emotional terrain. I am better equipped to deal with life, even more so than before I was ill. Coming here has empowered me emotionally and physically – I am in an “even better than normal” place.


All different types of help are available; Counselling, the Chaplaincy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. I have also tried a mixture of Complementary Therapies, things which I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. The support has been amazing, not only for me but also my family. Although they haven’t used the Hospice services themselves, I have been supported and helped to get negative feelings out and manage issues, so I feel better when I am at home. Being supported has an impact on everyone around you.


It is a holistic approach to treatment, there is a wholeness to it. You get your diagnosis and treatment, then come to the Hospice for emotional support, giving a more complete treatment. The words that come to mind are “emotional first aid”, the emotional healing is really important.


When the Breast Care Nurses at Warwick Hospital first suggested I come to the Hospice, I didn’t want to – the name Hospice put me off. I wasn’t sure what I would get out of it, but they encouraged me to try it a couple of times. The holistic approach was exactly what I needed. I went from not wanting to go, to being completely dependent on it, and now I’m confident and feel more prepared to deal with things mentally and emotionally.


The people here are very caring, non-judgemental and you feel like you can talk to them about anything – they’re just amazing!

Family Support

Our Family Support Services include Children and Family Support Service, Bereavement Support, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Social Work Service.

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