What is Diversional Therapy?

Monday 02 March 2015

What is Diversional Therapy?


Here at The Shakespeare Hospice we are frequently asked “What is Diversional Therapy?” …so Diversional Therapist Chloe has put pen to paper to try and describe it!

"Diversional Therapy promotes involvement in recreational leisure activities. It is also described as 'diverting' one’s attention away from problems via recreational means. Whilst all of this is true it can also achieve much deeper therapeutic benefits.

In the Diversional Therapy department here at The Shakespeare Hospice we have enabled individuals to gain confidence, acquire and learn skills they never knew they had. We've seen laughter, tears, frustration and inspiration. Diversional Therapy is where we get to know you and what you enjoy, and help you achieve something worthwhile and meaningful.

We try our very best to reduce barriers to you achieving your goals; if you are uncertain or afraid we reassure you, if you are lacking in confidence we help you build it up, if you want to laugh we tell terrible jokes, if you want peace and quiet we give you space. If your vision is limited we are your eyes, if you need to talk we are here to listen. In the Diversional Therapy corner we have a 'can do' attitude – whether you want to paint like Picasso or draw like Dali we will find ways to make that happen."


As an unknown author once said:

"Recreation’s purpose is not to fill time, but to make time live; not to keep people occupied, but to keep them refreshed; not to offer an escape from life, but to provide a discovery of life."

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