Rehabilitation Project shared with Hospice UK

Tuesday 03 December 2019

Our team recently submitted a poster presentation at the annual Hospice UK Conference regarding our Rehabilitation Project with South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT).  This project was made possible due to funding from The Rigby Foundation, a charity founded by our Patron, Sir Peter Rigby.

Sarah Perry and Rhiannon Davies, both Occupational Therapists at the Hospice worked alongside Clinical Psychologists from SWFT on the Project which began in October 2018, called ‘What Matters?’. This followed on from a successful pilot offered by the hospice a couple of years earlier called ‘Life Beyond Treatment’, which indicated psychological support in rehabilitation and recovery would be valuable.

The main objective of the project was to help patients living with cancer to adopt a holistic approach to managing their emotions and thoughts around changes to their roles and routines, as well as symptom management to allow them to get back to work, revisit lost hobbies and develop a good quality of life.

This took the form of three separate patient cohort groups in sessions led by the Project team and there was a strong focus on managing fatigue, which has a huge impact on cancer survivors.

The poster which encapsulated the project, from concept to clinical outcomes, was accepted by Hospice UK to share with other hospices and give them the opportunity to run similar courses in the future.

Angie Arnold, our CEO said,

“Congratulations to the team and we hope that other hospices will also develop this as a model of good practice.”

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