Children's Grief Awareness Week 2019

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Children's Grief Awareness Week 2019 will run from the 15th- 21st November. The theme for this year is #LostForWords.

The week is a chance for us to come together to show support for bereaved children across the UK.

Many bereaved children and young people are left #LostForWords when someone important to them dies and can find it difficult to tell others how they are feeling or what help they need.

Often, people don't know what to say or what to do to help, so some young people from our Children's Bereavement Service at The Shakespeare Hospice, would like to share their own words, thoughts and feelings so that others can understand and know how to support a child or young person that has been bereaved.

Some of the young people have taken part in a photography project. Local photographer Sally Crane has helped give guidance and advice to produce some pieces of work which represents how they wanted to represent their grief.

During the Week, the Childhood Bereavment Network will be encouraging the sharing of ideas on social media about how people can help grieving children and their families - even if they think they don't know what to say. This could be through practical help such as cooking a meal or helping out, doing something relaxing together, or finding other ways to communicate and support.

If you use social media, you can follow events through the week using hashtags #ChildrensGriefAwarernessWeek and #LostForWords

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Our Family Support Services include Children and Family Support Service, Bereavement Support, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Social Work Service.

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