Two patients tell of their experiences at The Shakespeare Hospice

Thursday 08 March 2018

Here, two lovely patients tell of their experience of being supported by The Shakespeare Hospice….

Joan, patient at The Shakespeare Hospice

My name is Joan and I live in Mickleton. I found out about the Hospice through one of my family who thought I would like to go.

I’ve been suffering with a life limiting illness and was struggling to get around and the physio there used to do some exercises with me that helped with my pain and helped me get about more easily.

I liked the people that I met and it was good to see how other people cope with their illnesses and it made me see that I was doing ok.

The staff and volunteers were kind and helpful. I only got a foot in the door before they were giving me a cup of tea and a biscuit! And the lunches were fantastic – I don’t know how they did it!

One of them brought their dog in for the last part of the afternoon, and I love dogs so I had a good fuss!

There was always a paper there to read and you don’t realise how hard it is to pop out and get a paper and I missed that so it was good to catch up.

The complementary therapy was lovely – I liked the music and birds that they played and felt so relaxed afterwards – it was like every bit of weight had been taken from my shoulders.

Being at the hospice is like being wrapped in a velvet cloak.


Christine, patient at The Shakespeare Hospice                                   

My name is Christine and I have been coming to hospice since my Macmillan nurse and GP thought it would be good for me after I was diagnosed with a life limiting illness.

The staff have been helpful, giving me tips on how I can manage my pain and it’s good to see how other people cope and realise I’m not on my own.

I tell my husband I’m here for the day spa – I’m made to feel so welcome, it’s not a place to be miserable!

It gives him a rest from looking after me, and when I get home he tells me im all cheered up.

Psychologically it’s important to see how you are doing by comparing your story with other patients and we do a lot of sharing at the Diversional Therapy table where I can practice arts and crafts I don’t feel like doing at home.

The physio has been so helpful giving me advice to help me get up the stairs as I was struggling with that.

I get to ask all the little questions that bother me through the week and the nurses have always got a friendly ear and some advice.

The hospice is not a one-way street, its changed my life for the better.

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