Volunteers' Week

Tuesday 30 May 2017

"I started volunteering 11 years ago, after my husband died. A friend was working in the shop at the time, she recommended it. I am still here. Being a volunteer allows me to help other people in need at the Hospice. Helping in the shop, I meet lots of people to chat and have a laugh with - it makes life so much better." - Jean

"I volunteer because I love it – gets me out of the house!" - Shirley











"I enjoy being a valued member of the Hospice team!" - Gill


"A few years ago I developed Breast Cancer. I was lucky enough to have had a lot of help and support from all the community which really helped my recovery. I decided then that I too wanted to help people and do something worthwhile, especially involving a cancer cause. That’s when I saw an ad in the focus for volunteers at The Shakespeare Hospice Henley Shop. Its a lovely shop with a great manager and the volunteers are like a little family. I love helping our visitors and feel like I’m helping them as well as the clients who receive hospice support through the raised proceeds. The time I give is well worth it and who says its unpaid??? Check out our chocolate stash!" - Jen


Huw volunteers at the hospice because he wants to use his skills to help others.



"When l first decided to volunteer it was because l had not been well and needed something to take me out of the house, l started by doing 4 hours a week but soon came to realise that not only was it helping me but l was actually giving something back to the community. l have meet some wonderful people at the hospice who l now class as friends, also the customers are lovely people who you soon come to know. l now work about 16 hours a week." - Janet

Family Support

Our Family Support Services include Children and Family Support Service, Bereavement Support, Counselling, Chaplaincy and Social Work Service.

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