Jennifer's Story

Thursday 10 September 2015

Jennifer was first referred to the Hospice after her cancer treatment. She was at a very low ebb, anxious, crying a lot and was easily confused. As a college lecturer this was very unlike her and she felt like a different person, not like herself.

Her GP recommended that she have Complementary Therapy, either at the Hospital or at The Shakespeare Hospice. As Jennifer had just come out of a hospital situation she decided to try the Hospice.


“I came to look round the Hospice, spoke to Cathy (Day Hospice Nurse) and had some Reiki with Chris. The Reiki made me feel very relaxed and the energy in the building is so lovely here.

“I was hoping that in coming to the Hospice I could get some strategies to help with how I was feeling, to take away the panic and anxiety. I saw my friend panicking the other week and thought ‘I can’t be that person’. Since coming I have seen a real difference. Jo (Occupational Therapist) has given me ways to control the anxiety and breathing techniques for when I am anxious. I have also had exercises from Sue (Physiotherapist) to strengthen my muscle tone, as I lost over a stone when I had cancer.

People don’t realise that after cancer treatment has ended, that isn’t the end. There is another part of you that needs help. You think ‘why aren’t I the same person?’, but you won’t get back to that person straight away, the different stages take time. At hospital they can’t help you through all the different stages of recovery, but at the Hospice the nurses have the time and experience to talk you through the post treatment time.

“There is a nice balance at the Hospice. I see Chris for a Reiki session, speak to one of the nurses, then spend time making things in Diversional Therapy. It’s great to sit there and chat to other people, which is a therapy in itself.

“Coming to the Hospice has made a big difference. It has been really brilliant, one of the best things that could have happened to me. From the moment that I walk in the door it is so welcoming. The atmosphere and energy here is so positive, it’s like somebody’s sprinkled some magic dust.”

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